Selbst Consulting Group offers services designed to help you accomplish more.  We manage the operational projects and tasks that are key to moving your business forward, which you haven’t been able to find the time to complete. By allowing Selbst Consulting Group to take care of these tasks, you will have more time to:

» Grow Your Business
» Build Stronger Relationships with Clients
» Create New Product Offerings
» Gain More Personal Time


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Selbst Consulting Group delivers peace of mind to businesses by giving them the resources to focus on their vision and the growth of their business. Business will fail when not run properly from the inside out. Selbst Consulting Group is here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our services offer your business access to skills and insights that might not otherwise be available or affordable. We provide you with tools and strategy as your day-to-day operational responsibilities are handled in a proactive, comprehensive manner. The work we do is specifically designed to your precise needs and goals to increase your operational efficiency.


“Are you juggling too many tasks? Let us take some of them off your plate.”


“I have had the opportunity to talk with Stuart and Loree of Selbst Consulting Group in-depth about their offering and I am super excited about how they will be able to not only help me with my company but also my clients. I would recommend all small businesses talk to Selbst Consulting Group, the organization, structure and passion they bring will increase your profitability.”

Jennifer Fields / President, ASTEK Marketing Group


The mission of Selbst Consulting Group is to empower businesses to scale effectively and profitably through operational efficiencies. Believing that operations is the nucleus of any successful organization, our group of experienced professionals help businesses prosper through collaboration.