You don’t know what we know.

You don’t know what we know. That is not to say you don’t know the same things as us or have the same skills we do. Maybe we do share some of the same knowledge and skill sets. But, what I mean is, you cannot know what it is that we know until you talk to us.

Sure, you can visit our website, and see that we deliver peace of mind by giving you the resources you need to focus on your vision and grow your business. You can check out my linked in and see that I am Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified and have a reputation for building strong teams focused on quality and exceptional customer service. You can look Stuart up and learn that he has helped businesses grow and become more efficient through operational process development, engagement with clients and vendors and building standard operating procedures. That’s great but, what is it that we know exactly? What are our skills and what can we do for you, the business owner?

Stuart and I always say that by combining our skills, knowledge and experience, we make one great COO together. A few of our skills sets overlap and we have learned a lot from the other by working together for so many years. But, for the most part, we each have our own areas of expertise.

The things I am good at came from years of toiling away, yes toiling, in corporate America. Although I did work under at least one great leader, I can’t say that I was ever mentored. No one took me under their wing and said, “Kid, I’m gonna make you the next great leader here.” What they did was recognize that I worked hard, was a quick learner and got bored easily once I mastered something. So, out of all of that, I came to understand efficiency and process. In other words, the best way to do what it was we were doing. Suddenly, I was appointed the unofficial, and then official, trainer of all the new hires. From there I began to see what it took to be a good leader. I adopted my own style but emulated the qualities I admired in my leaders and rejected those I didn’t.

So, my competencies are everything around people. By that I mean employees and customers. I’m experienced in: training, people management, team building, customer service, coaching and mentoring, process improvement (this is where my Six Sigma training helps) and in writing policies and procedures. I have created cultures where none existed and have changed cultures that needed to be turned around.

Stuart’s work history is very different from mine. While I am more of a quiet observer, he is an out of the box thinker who takes it upon himself to fix things, even when his bosses didn’t think it needed fixing. He too is also Six Sigma certified and has worked in different fields, but hit his stride in the IT world, doing everything from support to sales to operations. Unlike me, he didn’t play very well in corporate America so he struck out on his own and became an entrepreneur. He had a couple of miss-steps before he started his very successful managed IT service company. After that, coached other IT businesses around the world. He then consulted for some software companies before he took on the full-time role of Chief Operations Officer for a start-up software firm. Through all of that, he learned a lot and honed his skills as an operations expert.

His competencies are complementary to mine. Stuart is a strategic thinker who helps business owners scale to a point where they can move to the next level and even sell their company at a profit. He’s not a financial officer but he manages by the numbers. He can look at the books and see where things are going wrong and make the proper course adjustments.

He and I are, “people persons” with very different personalities. We thrive on finding the right talent. We believe in making strong hires for our clients while looking for ways to develop existing members of the team so they can have more opportunity to achieve higher levels of success.

We know that the business owner is the visionary and needs to keep pushing the company forward. But, it gets very hard to do that if you are constantly bogged down with the struggles of the day-to-day operations. With us, you get to keep creating and pushing your dream forward while we take care of the distracting, but very important, minutiae of running your business. We don’t just come into a company, observe the operations and then present the owner with a report on what they need to fix, collect a check and leave. We work closely with the team, we get in the weeds and discover where the problems lie and then develop processes to improve operations.

Now that you have a better idea of our individual skills and how we combine them, what are you waiting for? Invest in your business today with a 1-hour operational consultation with the both of us. You never know how much you can get from us in just one hour.

To your success,


Loree Selbst is a Partner in Your Remote COO. She is a leader who has a passion and expertise for identifying the strengths in others and helping them achieve success. Over the course of her career, she has succeeded in accomplishing more effective ways to optimize operational efficiencies. Loree is Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified with a reputation for building strong teams focused on quality and exceptional customer service.