If you don’t change, you may not be around for long.

The one constant you can always count on in the world is change and resisting it will do nothing but cause stress and an inability to progress. In the world of business, we must learn to adapt to the ever-changing landscape or risk losing our business.

The most expensive 6 words used in business are, “We’ve Always Done It Like That”. We have heard that statement a lot. But, our approach is to help businesses make adjustments that help them become more profitable right away.

At Your Remote COO we like to take our own advice about implementing change. When we started, our business model was to go all in with the client and operate as their Chief Operations Officer, running the day to day operations of their business. That is still part of what we can do for the businesses that hire us. However, now that we are 11 months into Your Remote COO we have found that small business owners still want to have control over even the smallest of decisions. We respect that they are the business owner and, as a result, we have adapted our business and billing model.

In the past, our model was to bill based on employee count. For example, a business with 5 employees is charged for each employee. While this offering is still available, we have concluded that it is not beneficial for clients we hope to engage with for more than a year. The original model works when someone wants us to streamline operations, write their SOPs and policies and eventually hire an operations manager for them to take things from there.

We believe the model that works best for us and our clients is our new model. This way, they get the same services, but we limit our engagement to the number of hours they need from us. Clients can purchase an hour at a time at our standard hourly rate or a block of hours in 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50-hour blocks. The more hours purchased the deeper the discount is off our standard hourly rate. A block of hours is good for up to a year, yes, they roll over, so they can be used for consulting or a bigger project.

For long-term projects, we offer blocks of hours monthly. For example, we have a client that is a 300-hour project and we are billing it as 50-hours per month for 6 months. Any hours they have left over after the 6 months will be available to them for a year. If they go over the 300 hours in the 6 months, we will bill them the difference at the end of the project. Simple right? Of course, it is. On top of it all, we send the client a monthly report showing how many hours we have used and what we did for them during those hours.

Now that you have an idea of our model, will it work for your business? We don’t know until we talk to you. Schedule a consultation with us and let’s discuss it. After the consultation, if you feel you don’t need us, don’t worry about it. When you do need us, we will be available for you, your business and to help guide your success.

All the best in success,