Just be the expert!

This past Sunday Loree and I had an expert come to our home to set up and install an IKEA closet we bought. In full disclosure we bought it 3 weeks ago and on Saturday, Loree and I unboxed this monstrosity and attempted to put it together ourselves. Within about 20 minutes, well before the arguing would start, we said, $%^& it, let’s hire someone to put this together and that is exactly what we did. We found Brian on line, he showed up on time and was completely done in 90 minutes…all for just $90. Trust me when I say, the $90 was nothing knowing it was a small investment to save my mental health and more importantly, my marriage.

We meet a lot of business owners who don’t think about investing in hiring experts to help them scale their business. These business owners continue trying to do everything themselves, making it harder for them to focus on the growth of their business.  On top of that, they rarely have the time to finish the tasks and wind up in an unending loop.

To give you an example, let’s say you are good at building software, so you start a company doing that and then you get few clients. The odds are not good that you are also good at are sales, marketing, business operations, finance, accounting and hiring. The time you spend doing these tasks are taking up 80 – 90% of your time so you are unable to work on what you do best, write software.

It is because of situations like this that Loree and I created Selbst Consulting Group. We have assembled what we feel are the best companies in various areas of business to help other businesses scale and succeed. Our belief is that operations is the nucleus of any successful business and this is where Selbst Consulting Group can help. Once we help a business with some of their operational issues, we can then bring in members of our group to help in other areas.

We ask everyone this one question (among others) when we meet them, “how is it that can we help you today?”. Our mission is to empower businesses to scale effectively and profitably through operational efficiencies.

Every business owner is struggling with something so let me ask you a couple of questions.

  1. Why are you trying to do everything yourself?
  2. What are 3 things you feel you can delegate to someone else?

After you answer these 2 questions, ask yourself one more.

Can the Selbst Consulting Group take some of these tasks off you plate? If you feel that the answer to this question is yes, then PLEASE call us and get a free 45-minute consultation, 480-210-2625. With our help, you will no longer be alone in your business. It really does take a team to build success and we would love to become part of yours as your operational experts.

All the best,


Stuart “Stu” Selbst is Co-Founder and Partner in Selbst Consulting Group. He is a business leader with a passion for helping others succeed. Throughout his career, he has worked to find more effective ways to organize processes while getting projects completed and keeping costs and budget in check. While mastering the skills of operational efficiency over the years, Stuart has been able to help hundreds of businesses around the globe grow consistently and profitably. You can contact Stuart via email at stu@selbstcg.com












Selbst Consulting Group is a full-service operations consulting firm. We specialize in working with business of any size but like to focus on those who are 2 – 20 million in annual revenue. Our process is simple, we prefer to help business owners with one major issue at a time. This way they still have control of their business. The project can be a simple as recruiting a new hire, documenting a workflow or even a drafting and publishing a standard operating procedure. Whatever the operational task, we can help.