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Time of death…today!

Well everyone it has been a good run for the last 21 months, but it is time to pull the plug. It is with great sadness and humility that we are ceasing operations of Selbst Consulting Group effective Friday, May 24, 2019. We have been on life support since late January. What happened? Back in […]

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Just be the expert!

This past Sunday Loree and I had an expert come to our home to set up and install an IKEA closet we bought. In full disclosure we bought it 3 weeks ago and on Saturday, Loree and I unboxed this monstrosity and attempted to put it together ourselves. Within about 20 minutes, well before the […]

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Loyalty programs are a thing of the past, it is time to become a concierge for your clients.

The great sales and business trainer, Jeffery Gitomer said it best, “What would you do if your 2 best clients left you”? “How are you going to keep them loyal”?  How many of you have a punch card for your favorite coffee house where you buy 10 and you get the 11th drink free? How […]

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