Nothing but great things to say about Selbst Consulting Group, they have always been responsive and on point with our needs especially given some unique situations which required extra special attention and care.

Since engaging with Stuart and Loree of Selbst Consulting Group, our firm runs more efficiently, our team works more closely together, and most importantly the business and revenue have grown tremendously. I know that this is a direct result of our engagement with Selbst Consulting Group and their handling and care of our operations. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Don Schultz
Infratactix, Madison WI

I had the opportunity to talk with Stuart and Loree in depth about their offering today and am super excited about how they will be able to not only help me with my company but also my clients and friends with their 

Jennifer Fields
President, ASTEK Marketing Group

Stuart provides a wealth of business knowledge. He helped our firm get past some difficult issues and improve our bottom line.

Kevin Kilpatrick
President, Kilpatrick IT

Stuart has always impressed with me with his deep knowledge of business and technology, and his approachable style of sharing his knowledge with others. That makes him a perfect coach and consultant, and a resource for me and my team when we need expert insight on the business of technology.

Michael Siggins
Publisher, Channel Pro Magazine

Stuart has shown over the years he is a clear leader with the ability to communicate process to any group. His consulting not only is well known for increasing sales and closing but implementing process and systems to provide efficient, effective and top-notch service.

Keith Nelson
VP, Vistem Solutions

I met Stuart and Loree at an Innovation conference in Scottsdale earlier this year and was really impressed. Since that meeting, he has been checking in every week or two and has already been adding value to our business. Today, out of the blue, he connected us with a Chicago based printer that can print our packaging in USA for less than what it would have been to do it in Taiwan with another printer - and we'll have it in 3 weeks, not three months. Selbst Consulting Group is going to be our "first hire"... I am counting the days.

Tim Dempsey
May 3, 2018

During my time of working with Stu, our sales have increased over 100%, and profits have grown dramatically, as well. He is always professional, knowledgeable, and conducts himself with integrity. His guidance has helped me immeasurably, and he always makes himself available for those emergency situations that arise in business. If anyone is balking at enlisting Stu as their business advisor, I would highly recommend that they consider all of the partners who can point to massive increases in sales in their business.

Chris Michalec
President, Parkway Technology

Stuart Selbst is an invaluable asset to my company and offers great advice and leadership in all aspects of business operations. We have added revenue two or three times faster than we expected. He is truly an expert who has learned from his past accomplishments and has the ability to impart them.

Nathan Caspers
President, Secured Virtual IT, Inc.

Stuart is insightful and wise, and comes with incredible experience and success. Who doesn't want this kind of support for their business? From building systems to supporting revenue to freeing up the business owner so that we can really fly and soar, Stuart and his team bring a multifaceted approach to building strong foundations of business that will support growth.

Karin Crawford
CEO / God’s Garden Treasures

If you're wondering about Stu because you'd like to do business with him, or engage him on a project.... you’ve come to the right place. If you're looking for growth and leadership.....He's a top shelf business developer, and people person! An established leader. He has decades of experience building pipelines, filling funnels and driving revenue in a variety of roles, on various sides of business.......
BUT...much more importantly to me, as a long seasoned CEO, who chooses whom he hires, and partners with very selectively....if you are looking for Stu here because you wonder about him as a person...and need or want someone like him in your corner, or as part of your team...you couldn't find a better, more humble authentic man.
To be fair, I've known Stu for the last 6 years...and I've watched him grow and mature a ton as a man, and the man I call a friend, and trusted collaborator and now is as authentic, humble, introspective and people centered as any business executive I've met recently. Stu LOVES PEOPLE!! He loves helping them succeed. He loves his wife, loves his family and loves him some baseball, beer and great BBQ. He's a good man.... educated at some of the world's best Universities, a successful entrepreneur and coach to hundreds of others.... He has as big a heart as anyone.......and I'd vouch for him to deliver and be a value add in your life, any day of the week.

Rob Ryan
CEO, Growth Hax