Share information with your network

Welcome to the 5th and final post about things you need to successfully run your business. In today’s post we are going to discuss sharing information (news) and staying in touch with your network. Staying in-touch with your clients, prospects and referrals is critical to your success.   

Sharing information is key to building a successful business. What sorts of things should you share? You should share anything that you feel would be of interest to your audience. For example, new clients, products, awards and honors, and key staff changes.  

What are the best ways to stay in touch? As I mentioned in my first blog, you need to utilize your CRM and make sure your network and mailing list are up to date. There are tools that help you stay in touch, build great network and share information.  Here are some of those tools: 

Work your LinkedIn account.             

You wouldn’t believe the number of small and start up business owners I meet who don’t post about their business on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is where you will find the business contacts you need. I use LinkedIn a lot and have my own professional page as well as a Your Remote COO company page. A company page is vital to connecting with the right people on LinkedIn. Let them learn about your organization, what you do and most importantly, what you can do for them and their business.  

Send an email.

Staying in touch and sharing information via email can help your business. Utilizing tools like Mailchimp, Constant Contact and others for email marketing will allow you to engage with your clients, prospect and network in a more personal way. When setting up your emails or “campaigns”, you can make the email more personal by inserting the recipient’s first name into the message. Always be sure to get the recipient’s permission before you add them to your mailing list and start sending them messages. 

Pick up the phone.

That’s right, just pick up the phone and call. If you call a client and just talk to them, you may uncover an opportunity or two. If you call a prospect and talk to them, they may finally have time for you or better yet, be ready to engage with your products or services. If you call someone who is in your network just to talk to them about their business, they may ask you what you have been doing which can lead to an opportunity. Letting people talk to you about what they have going on is one of the best business growth tools and it’s free. 

Write a note.

We already discussed sending an email, and that’s not what I am talking about here. Put pen to paper, fold it up, put it in an envelope, place a stamp on it and mail it. That’s right, take the old-fashioned approach and send a letter in the mail. This is something that busy business people forget to do but there is nothing better than getting a nice thank you or a, “let’s catch up” letter in the mail to make your day just a bit better. There are services out there like but maybe you pull a Jimmy Fallon and hand write a note. The .50 cents you spend on the stamp could be the key to millions in revenue. 

There you have it, 4 ways to stay in touch and share information with your clients, prospects and network to establish and grow your business. When developing and implementing these tasks to stay in touch and share information make it part of your company standard operating procedures (SOPs) and build a schedule around it.  

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Stuart Selbst is the Founder and Managing Partner of Your Remote COO. He is a business leader with a passion for helping others succeed. Throughout his career, he has worked to find more effective ways to organize processes while getting projects completed and keeping costs and budget in check. While mastering the skills of operational efficiency over the years, Stuart has been able to help hundreds of businesses around the globe grow consistently and profitably.